When You Shouldn’t Ignore Back Pain


Back pain is something that most people experience at one point or another. However, there’s a difference between pain that signals some kind of larger issue and regular pain that will go away. But how do you tell the difference and when should you see a doctor and possibly consult a surgeon? Here are some symptoms of bad back problems that you should really not ignore:

  1. When you experience tingling or numbness – While this one could literally occur because you’ve been sitting too long, there are a number of other causes that are less appealing. For instance, numbness and tingling could be caused by a herniated disc, a trapped nerve, diabetes or even multiple sclerosis. If you think you’ve been sitting too long, see if standing and exercising properly helps your back; if not see a doctor.
  2. When you injure yourself and your back hurts – If you’ve recently had an accident or lifted something that was too heavy, it can seriously harm your back. Chances are, you would have begun to notice problems immediately after said incident. If they seem connected, you’ll need to see a professional to ascertain the amount of damage to your back and how best to treat it, which will really depend on where and how you injured yourself.
  3. When the pain doesn’t go away – Back pain that goes away and stays away with the proper rest and bodily care is usually not a problem. However, if you are taking care of yourself (eating right, exercising, sleeping correctly, sitting correctly at work, not lifting heavy objects, not smoking, etc.) and your back still hurts, then there could be a larger problem at work. Consult a doctor to determine whether your back is even the problem or whether it’s a symptom of something else.
  4. When the pain is coupled with other serious symptoms – Back pain by itself can be scary enough. Back pain coupled with fever, unnatural and unintentional weight loss, problems urinating, weakness, and leg numbness could indicate a severe and immediately threatening problem – anything from a serious infection to paralyzed nerves that could cause permanent disabilities if left too long. In any of these cases, don’t wait! Consult an expert immediately to ensure that your symptoms don’t worsen and incapacitate you.

These are just some of the more serious back pain symptoms that should send you straight to surgeons like J. Kevin Kaufman. Have you experienced any other symptoms?