About Dr. Kaufman

Have you ever wondered what it’s like in the daily life of a neurosurgeon?  For Doctor J. Kevin Kaufman, a skilled neurosurgeon residing in the Dallas Fort Worth area, it is filled with research writing and procedures when they are scheduled.  He has been practicing neurological and complex spine surgery for 15 years in this area and has been studying medicine since the early 90s when he first attended medical school.

It’s best if we begin talking about Dr. James Kaufman during his younger years.   Dr. Kaufman has been enthralled with science since an early age; he earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the Rose-Human Institute of Technology in 1987.  He then moved to Chicago and worked as an engineer after graduation, but decided he wanted to pursue a career in medicine.  Thushe returned to school at West Virginia University for his PHD work in molecular biology from 1989-1990 and then went into the West Virginia School of Medicine from 1990-1994.  He graduated wiith highest honors and achieved admittance to the Alpha OmeImage of Kevin for brocure_cardga Alpha Honors Society.  After graduation he fulfilled his general surgery internship and neurological residency training at the Indiana University School of Medicine in 2000.

Since becoming a fully licensed neurosurgeon Dr. James Kaufman has dedicated his life and energy to research in the field and presenting presentations.  He’s performed countless spine, peripheral nerve and brain surgeries over the years and has made a name for himself with his minimally invasive microscopic spine surgery.  These surgeries have been unique in their use of biological materials, micro discectomies, disc replacement surgery and a wide range of posterior and cervical, lumbar and thoracic surgeries.  His passion for this spinal surgery has made it his life’s mission and he has proven himself time after time.

Dr. Kaufman has spent a great deal of time writing for this field.  His topics have ranged from brain tumors to complex spine and have been published by well-known peer reviewed journals such as the Journal of Neurosurgery and Spine and Surgical Neurology.  He even has a few patents for spinal products such as the principle investigator in non-surgical technique for treating various neurological conditions.  He has presented his research and tried to spread the knowledge of his field at multiple conferences.  He is affiliated with the Neurosurgery Research & education Foundation (NREF), founded in 1980.  This organization exists to help support education and research endeavors carried out by neurosurgeons.

Dr. James Kaufman is a member of quite a few groups, including but not limited to the North American Spine Society, Tarrant county Medical Society, Texas Association of Neurological Surgeons, Texas Medical Association and more.

As science has continued to improve the breakthroughs in neurosurgery have been life altering and Dr. Kaufman has made it his life mission to inform people of what his field can now do for people to help them.  As we can clearly see, Dr. Kaufman is truly passionate about his work and has been a tremendously positive force for the field.